Planning communication access for online conferences

This post was written by Gabrielle Hodge and Lauren Gawne, and originally published on The Research Whisperer blog. There’s a lot to like about online events. Travel, and the associated cost, are no longer a barrier to participation, making it easier for a wider range of participants to engage with conferences. This has made onlineContinue reading “Planning communication access for online conferences”

Budgeting online conferences or events: The case of #LingComm21

In other posts we discuss the importance of creating a meaningful, functional, and accessible conference experience. Running an online conference or similar-scale event is not free of cost. In this post we want to bring some transparency to the costs of organising an online conference. Access to skilled volunteer labour and funding will be differentContinue reading “Budgeting online conferences or events: The case of #LingComm21”