LingFest was a program of online linguistics events aimed at a general audience in April and May of 2021. Just as a fringe festival compiles a list of independently-organized events on a particular theme, LingFest was an excuse for linguistics communicators to organize an online event, a way for fans to meet fellow linguistics enthusiasts, and a handy way to find out about more lingcommers to start following.

Below is archived information about the 2021 event.

Are you fascinated by how language works? Have you been stuck at home for months feeling like every week is the same? Here’s a week of fun pop linguistics events for you!

We’re listing events on this page, with each event creator managing their own ticketing and platform. Know a lingcommer not on this list yet? Ping them on social media and ask them if they’re planning something!

If you would like to find out about events happening as part of LingFest, fill out this form to sign up for a limited number of emails when the program is finalised.

If you would like to submit an event, meetup, or show, fill out this form.

There are no fees to submit an event for LingFest. You can set up your show using your preferred platform, and run it as any combination of paid/free/patreon/donation ticketing. Note that we reserve the right to reach out for clarification if it’s not evident how your event is a) related to linguistics and b) suitable for the general public.


We recommend using this converter to figure out when events are scheduled in your local time zone.

Lead with Literacy fundraising event

Thursday, April 22, 2021
23:59 UTC (7:00pm CDT, UTC-5)

This will be a casual and lively hour or so of learning, laughter, presentations by and a Q&A with Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett of “A Way with Words,” and appearances by some of the many people who have directly experienced the difference literacy can make in one’s life. Funds raised will go directly to 30 nonprofits who help 90,000 Texans experience the joy of literacy.

Find more information, buy tickets, or make a donation at

Linguistics After Dark: Live!

Saturday, April 24, 2021
19:00 UTC (3:00pm EDT, UTC-4)

Modern usage got you tense? Can’t start up your conjugator? Or maybe you’d just like to make like a schwa and destress. Call into the Linguistics After Dark live show with your burning language questions, and their two linguist hosts will answer them for you. Just one catch: they can’t do any research before answering. If your language is making a funny noise, they’ll get to the bottom of it, with some rowdy discussion, bad nerdy jokes, and a lot of linguistics along the way. 

This event is open to all attendees at Ko-fi tips are appreciated but not required. Live captions in English will be provided.

Field Notes Podcast live show: Hilaria Cruz on Field Linguistics & Chatino

Saturday, April 24, 2021
20:00 UTC (1:00pm PDT, UTC-7)

Field Notes will be holding its first ever live show at LingFest! Field Notes host and producer Martha Tsutsui Billins will chat with special guest Professor Hilaria Cruz on her work with her native language Chatino, an endangered Zapotecan language spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico. This live show will explore endangered language documentation and revitalization, particularly from the Insider Researcher perspective. No prior linguistics or language documentation knowledge is required to attend. Questions from listeners are welcome and will also be discussed.

This event is open to all attendees at

Lingthusiasm live show: The Listener Talks Back

Saturday, April 24, 2021
22:00 UTC (6:00pm EDT, UTC-4)

In their first virtual live show, Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne of Lingthusiasm give listeners the chance to talk back to them and each other while they get enthusiastic about the linguistics of the words and sounds and gestures (and emoji!) that people make to show that they’re listening, such as “uh huh” and 👍 and nodding.

This show is open to Lingthusiasm patrons at any level. Go to to become a patron and get access to the livestream video link. Live captions in English will be provided.

The Vocal Fries live show: You Want Fries with That?

Sunday, April 25, 2021
18:00 UTC (11:00am PDT, UTC-7)

Meet the Vocal Fries and talk about all things language. Linguistic discrimination, fun tidbits about language, your favo(u)rite things about language…. anything goes! No experience in linguistics is required. Feel free to bring examples of linguistic discrimination or questions about anything related to language.

This event is open to all attendees at Admission is free, but donations are welcome. Live captions in English will be provided.

Talk Like That presents “Accents in Voice Acting: A Panel With Voice Over Artists”

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
18:00 UTC (11:00am PDT, UTC-7)

Accent coach and voice actor Mark Byron Dallas moderates a panel on accents and dialects in audiobooks, audio dramas, and video games, with panelists Natalie Beran, Rebecca H. Lee, and Rhiannon Moushall. This virtual event is presented by Talk Like That, an accent and dialect coaching service that features a podcast with professionals in the entertainment industry.

Access this event by purchasing a $5 ticket at

The Mechanics of Phonetics

Friday, April 30, 2021
17:00 UTC (10:00am PDT, UTC-7)

What is the body doing to make all these sounds coming from our face that create meaningful communication? Come chat with Saunatina from Crafting Sound Meaning to discuss the mechanics of sound production that creates language — and pick up some new techniques to help you with the IPA.

Do you struggle with making sounds like the ‘trilled r’, the ‘Welsh ll’, or the ‘th’ in the? Send an email to with your questions about sounds that confuse you or you love to nerd out about.

This event is open to all attendees at Live captions in English will be provided.

Taffy the Logolept (and friends!) Twitch livestream

Friday, April 30, 2021
19:00 UTC (2:00pm CDT, UTC-5)

Ever wonder what Twitch is or how it works? Curious how language learning and linguistic-y things happen on a livestreaming platform like Twitch? Come hang out with Taffy and the logolepts, where the international, multilingual community plays language games and interacts in real-time via chat. While we play, we’ll be explaining the basics of Twitch and why it works well for language sharing and exchange, and we’ll be shouting out the many language-focused Twitch streamers throughout our time.

This event is open to all attendees at Live captions in English will be provided.

Linguistics Bowl

Saturday, May 1, 2021
17:00 UTC (1:00pm EDT, UTC-4)

Linguistics Bowl is a trivia quiz bowl style game for high school students interested in linguistics, made by high school students. We will run a short practice game for any interested participants (of all ages) and spread the word about this new event for high school students and teachers.

This event is open to all attendees at no cost. Register at

Talking Linguistics at Work with OPA Linguists

Sunday, May 2, 2021
18:00 UTC (11:00am PDT, UTC-7)

Linguists from the Open Post Academics group are holding a participatory discussion (collaboratively writing and sharing verbally) about how linguists contribute their knowledge and expertise at work across a range of contexts (including but not limited to: User Research, Evaluation, Survey Design, Social Change and Advocacy Communication, Localization, Taxonomy, Content Design, UX Writing, etc.). All are welcome, but especially anyone who works (or wants to learn about working) in a context where they are called upon to share what they know with non-linguist colleagues, clients, and collaborators. Linguists (and those who do linguistic work but who may not identify as linguists) are invited to share ideas, strategies, stories, and resources as they meet others who are doing this all over the world. How can we learn from one another about bringing more linguistic knowledge and ways of thinking to bear on the challenges we are working on?

The event will be held on Zoom and is open to all attendees at

Words for Granted live show Q & A

Sunday, May 2, 2021
19:00 UTC (12:00pm PDT, UTC-7)

For the first time ever, Ray from the Words for Granted podcast will be hosting a live show in which he answers listener questions about word origins, language change, the history of linguistics, and more. No prior knowledge of linguistics or the podcast required!

The event will be held on Zoom and open to all attendees. You can RSVP at:

Because Language live show: It’s All Semantics 

Saturday, May 8, 2021
11:00 UTC (7:00pm AWST, UTC+8)

Are fish wet? What’s “next Saturday”? And what does it mean to go “around” a tree? The Because Language team is going to settle a few things around here. Daniel, Hedvig, and Ben will look at the stickiest wickets in all of semantics, with input from a live audience. They’ll also be bringing the latest news and the dreaded Words of the Week.

This show is open to Because Language patrons at any level. Go to to become a patron and get access to the livestream video link. Auslan interpretation will be provided.

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