Supporting the next generation of linguistics communication projects.

LingComm Grant

Have a great idea for a linguistics communication project, but need a bit of money to get it off the ground? Looking to support emerging lingcomm projects? The LingComm Grant is several $500 grants for communicating linguistics to broader audiences in 2020. Find out more and apply here.

Applications for the 2020 LingComm Grant have now closed. Check out the Grantees page for updates on the four funded projects!


Thinking of doing more lingcomm but not sure how to go about doing it? Looking to run a lingcomm training session? Check out our resources page for more advice and samples of linguistics communication.

LingComm News

Update, 22 April 2020: We’ve hit our fundraising goal with time to spare, and received an additional grant sponsorship from an NSF Grant awarded to Claire Bowern, so now we’re giving out a total of 4 LingComm Grants!

LingComm is a project of Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne, with the support of our Lingthusiasm patrons.

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