For much of the world, LingComm21 will run April 19-22, in a four-hour block each day beginning at 20:00 UTC. That’s beginning at 10am in Honolulu, 1pm in Seattle, 4pm in Montreal, 9pm in London, and 10pm in Paris. For those on the leading edge of time zones, the conference will run April 20-23, beginning at 6am in Melbourne and 8am in Auckland.

Each day of the conference will include four 45-minute time slots, one beginning at the top of each hour, with 15-minute breaks between formally scheduled events. Some time slots will have multiple sessions running simultaneously.

Detailed Program

Click on the links below to convert each day and time to your local time zone.

DAY 1 (beginning Monday, April 19, 2021 at 20:00 UTC)

HOUR 1 (20:00 UTC)Gather exploration and orientation
HOUR 2 (21:00 UTC)Opening plenary: Why lingcomm? (in LARGE HALL)
Ben Zimmer
Kate Burridge
Raquel Freitag
moderator: Laura Bailey
HOUR 3 (22:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

Podcasting 101 (in LARGE HALL)
Daniel Midgley
Helen Zaltzman
Megan Figueroa
moderator: Lauren Gawne

Podcasting 201 (in FISHBOWL)
Carrie Gillon
Pippa Johnstone
Ray Belli
moderator: Gretchen McCulloch
HOUR 4 (23:00 UTC)Poster session 1 (in POSTERS)
names and titles coming soon

DAY 2 (beginning Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 20:00 UTC)

HOUR 1 (20:00 UTC)Poster session 2 (in POSTERS)
names and titles coming soon
HOUR 2 (21:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

Events 101 (in LARGE HALL)
Emily Gref
Liz McCullough
Rachel Hendery
moderator: Laura Bailey

Events 201 (in FISHBOWL)
Claire Childs
Melissa Baese-Berk
Monika Kavalir
moderator: Gretchen McCulloch
HOUR 3 (22:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

Making lingcomm legible to academia (in BREAKOUT 1)
Catherine Anderson
Cecile McKee
Sadie Ryan
moderator: Hannah Gibson

Pitching a lingcomm story (in BREAKOUT 2)
Elizabeth Landau
Erin McKean
James Harbeck
moderator: Melissa Baese-Berk

Memes as lingcomm (in FISHBOWL)
Amanda Brennan
Luana De Conto
Vitor Hochsprung
moderator: Emily Gref
HOUR 4 (23:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

Video 101 (in LARGE HALL)
Mike Mena
Moti Lieberman
Rachel Alatalo
moderator: Moti Lieberman

Video 201 (in FISHBOWL)
Josh R
Mark Sundaram
Nicole Sweeney
moderator: Gretchen McCulloch

DAY 3 (beginning Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 20:00 UTC)

HOUR 1 (20:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

Writing 101 (in LARGE HALL)
Dan McIntyre
Marco Neves
Mignon Fogarty
moderator: Jessi Grieser

Writing 201 (in FISHBOWL)
Kory Stamper
Lane Greene
Yuval Pinter
moderator: Gretchen McCulloch
HOUR 2 (21:00 UTC)parallel sessions:

A recent history of lingcomm (in LARGE HALL)
David Crystal
moderator: Arika Okrent

Lingcomm with young people (in BREAKOUT 1)
Amy Plackowski
Jamie Banks
Ludovica Pannitto
moderator: Laura Wagner

Finding your lingcomm angle (in BREAKOUT 2)
Conni Covington
Jonathon Owen
Nina Tunteva
moderator: Jen Nycz

Digital community around lingcomm (in FISHBOWL)
Eleonora Marocchini
Johnnatan Nascimento
Naomi Truan
moderator: Bronwyn Bjorkman
HOUR 3 (22:00 UTC)Funding 101 (in LARGE HALL)
Grant Barrett
Laura Wagner
Martha Tsutsui Billins
moderator: Gretchen McCulloch

group photo
HOUR 4 (23:00 UTC)Closing plenary: Why we lingcomm (in LARGE HALL)
Ake Nicholas
Elena Alvarez Mellado
Lisa Dücker
moderator: Jessi Grieser

DAY 4: MEETUP DAY (beginning Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 20:00 UTC)

Book a virtual room for an open meetup on an area of interest, continue an informal discussion about a topic you were enjoying during a previous day, or simply get together with one or two new acquaintances for (virtual) coffee. The schedule for Day 4 will be created collaboratively before and during the conference in this shared Google doc. Feel free to propose something!

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