Please express your interest in participating in LingComm23 by submitting this form before or on October 1, 2022 (anywhere on Earth).

Note that this form likely deviates from your past experience with conference submission forms. LingComm23’s programming will forefront discussions rather than presentations, and as such does not demand a traditional abstract. Check out the form to see the questions asked instead.


Are you a junior-ish person who’s interested in #LingComm23, the International Conference on Linguistics Communication, but would feel less awkward about talking to people if you had an official role helping out a bit at the conference? This form is for you!

We’re are also looking for a few helpful and reliable volunteers to help orient LingComm attendees to the virtual conference space — things like helping people setup their name/affiliation/pronouns/avatar, helping debug if people’s audio/video feeds aren’t kicking in, helping people find a room if they’re lost, and keeping an eye on the entry point in case new people show up after the orientation period and need a friendly face telling them “welcome”. Think of it as like working the registration desk at a physical conference, where you’d find people’s nametags and hand them a copy of the schedule and point them in the direction of the talks, only in a virtual space. 

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