International Conference on Linguistics Communication | Week of April 19-23, 2021 | online

The International Conference on Linguistics Communication (LingComm21) brings together lingcommers from a variety of backgrounds, including linguists who have developed skills in communicating with public audiences and communicators who have developed a “beat” related to language.

Taking advantage of a digital-first format to bring together lingcommers from around the world, LingComm21 is a small, highly interactive conference featuring a mix of beginner and advanced panels on specific areas of lingcomm, as well as smaller special sessions emerging from the shared interests of attendees. Tell us which topics you can speak to, and we’ll match you with co-panelists who share your interests.

Confirmed invited speakers (so far):

Date: For much of the world, the conference will run April 19-22, in a single four-hour block each day beginning at UTC 20:00. That’s beginning at 10am in Honolulu, 1pm in Seattle, 4pm in Montreal, 9pm in London, and 10pm in Paris. For those on the leading edge of time zones, the conference will run April 20-23, beginning at 6am in Melbourne and 8am in Auckland.

Platform: The conference will be held in a custom space on Gather, a proximity chat platform which lets participants wander around and chat in spontaneous small groups between sessions, and which includes a virtual coffee shop and pub for off-hours and informal meetups.

LingFest: To help foster a community of linguistics enthusiasts in addition to a community of lingcommers, following LingComm21 is LingFest21, a themed period of virtual live shows, premieres, and other linguistics-related online events. List your event on the LingFest page and use #lingfest21 to reach people who are excited about linguistics beyond your current audience. Sign up for notifications on the LingFest page to find out about other linguistics-related events happening on an internet near you!

Organising committee: Laura Bailey, Lauren Gawne, Jessi Grieser, and Gretchen McCulloch make up LingComm21’s steering committee. Elizabeth McCullough is the conference manager.





Thanks also to Andrea West, Casper Grathwohl, Catherine Anderson, Cecile McKee, Daniel Midgley, Grant Barrett, Melissa Baese-Berk, Saunatina Sanchez, Sylvia Sierra, and three anonymous personal sponsors.

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