International Conference on Linguistics Communication | February 2023 | online

The International Conference on Linguistics Communication (LingComm23) will bring together lingcommers from a variety of backgrounds, including linguists communicating with public audiences and communicators with a “beat” related to language.

See the announcement post. More details coming later in 2023.

Taking advantage of a digital-first format to bring together lingcommers from around the world, LingComm23 will be a small, highly interactive conference featuring a mix of beginner and advanced panels on specific areas of lingcomm, as well as smaller special sessions emerging from the shared interests of attendees.

Invited speakers: Anne Charity Hudley, Gretchen McCulloch, Vikram Chandra, Kevin Martens Wong, Rob Drummond, more to come!

Date: February 6-10, 2023.

Platform: The conference will be held in a custom space on Gather, a proximity chat platform which lets participants wander around and chat in spontaneous small groups between sessions. The space included a virtual cafe and pub for off-hours and informal meetups.

Organising committee: Laura Wagner, Keeta Jones, Raquel Meister Ko. Freitag, Daniel Midgley, Sadie Ryan and Lauren Gawne.


If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact the conference organisers.


This conference is receiving funding from the NSF, grant #BCS-2140708.

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